How can I reinstall a SwiftStack node?

Amanda -

If you need to reinstall the SwiftStack Node software on one of your servers, it’s fairly easy.

  1. Remove all the data from the node using the SwiftStack Controller. Those using the SwiftStack Controller As-a-Service will go to Under the correct cluster, locate the correct node and remove all its drives from all polices. Depending on the amount of data you have, it can take some time. You can monitor the progress in the Controller interface. See more about removing drives at: page. 

  2. On that same node's manage page, locate the "Delete Node" tab.Use “Delete button” to remove the node from the cluster. See more on deleting a node at:

  3. With the node deleted from the cluster, go to the command line of the SwiftStack node and remove all the SwiftStack Node software by running 

    sudo uninstall-swiftstack-node


  4. The SwiftStack Node software can now be reinstalled and a new claim URL will be generated. Run the standard install command:

    curl | bash


  5. Claim and ingest the Node as normal. More information at:

Note: If the claim URL is no longer displaying as output, you can run ssclaimurl to display it again.



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