The Controller says it can’t connect to the Node. What should I do?

Amanda -

It may be that your SwiftStack Node can’t connect via its VPN link to the Controller. To quickly check the status of the Node, go to the command line of your node and run:


... For output you should see a message similar to:

Active Directory Connectivity: OK (Not configured to use AD)
         Resolve API hostname: OK (no cluster API hostname defined to check)
          Daemons are running: OK
             Swift is working: OK
          Ping cluster API IP: OK
          VPN link is working: OK
                  System time: OK

If you have any errors in there (showing as NOT OK), it would be a possible indication of the problem. Some of the most common reasons for things not working is that the VPN is blocked. If that is the case, you need to ensure that port 1194/UDP is allowed for outgoing traffic.


If the Node has not been claimed by the Controller yet, then the "Daemons are running" check will show "NOT OK." That’s normal. Once the node has been successfully claimed, the daemons should be running.


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