Troubleshooting Your Node

Amanda -

When you need to troubleshoot an issue with your SwiftStack Swift node(s), the first thing to do is to run `ssdiag` (with superuser privileges).

The output from ssdiag provides information on the current running status of the node. If there is any obvious errors (such as services not running, VPN not up, and system time out of sync), you will be able to correct them (such as restart the service).

If the output does not have any errors, then you will need to check Swift / SwiftStack-related logs, which will be located in the `/var/log/` directory on the node(s). You may need check one or more of the following logs:

  • ssnoded.log - all SwiftStack node system-related messages are logged over here
  • ssnoded-upgrade.log - all SwiftStack node upgrade-related messages are logged over here
  • ssnoded-firewall-upstart.log - all SwiftStack node firewall upstart messages are logged over here
  • swift/all.log - all Swift message (include transaction logs) are logged here
  • swift/proxy_access.log - all Swift proxy-related messages are logged here


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