Troubleshooting Your Swift Cluster - Check the Logs

Albert Chen -

If you need to check Swift / SwiftStack-related logs for troubleshooting purposes, all Swift/SwiftStack-related logs are located in the `/var/log/` directory on the node(s). Here are the list of logs that you may find useful for troubleshoot issues with your nodes:

  • ssnoded.log - all SwiftStack Node Agent related messages are logged over here
  • ssnoded-upgrade.log - all SwiftStack node upgrade-related messages are logged over here
  • ssnoded-firewall-upstart.log - all SwiftStack node firewall upstart messages are logged over here
  • swift/all.log - all Swift message (include transaction logs) are logged here
  • swift/proxy_access.log - all Swift proxy-related messages are logged here
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