Can I run my SwiftStack Controller on a VM?

Chris Nelson -

Yes, you can run your SwiftStack Controller on a VM. Special attention is needed for the Controller as the hardware requirement, especially disk space, for bare metal servers still apply to VMs. As a result, please do not over provision disk space that is available in your hypervisor. For your reference, here is the disk space requirement for the Controller:

  • 2GB/Node + 4GB for Controller metrics. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that installing the controller in VMs may be subject to disk contention with other virtual machines, it is recommended that you use SSD-backed storage in order to meet the IOPS requirement for time-series data. 

Also, key generation during Controller setup requires a certain amount of entropy that VMs tend to struggle generating. For information on generating additional entropy in a VM, see this article:

For more information about the hardware requirement for the controller, please refer to:

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