CommVault Simpana Cloud Performance MediaAgent Optimizations

Doug Soltesz -

When using SwiftStack cloud locally over a minimum 1Gbps connection the following should be done to increase performance of Media Agents. 

In the CommCell Browser expand Storage Resources -> MediaAgents



Right click on the Media Agent -> Select Properties



Navigate to the Additional Settings Tab.

Add the following Settings by clicking Add.



SwiftStack MediaAgent cloud Performance Settings:

 Name Category Type Value
 nCloudMaxSubFileSizeKB MediaAgent INTEGER 32768
 nCloudNumOfDownloadThreads MediaAgent INTEGER 3
 nCloudNumOfReadAheadFiles  MediaAgent INTEGER 4
 nCloudNumOfReadAheadThreads MediaAgent INTEGER 2
 nCloudNumOfUploadThreads MediaAgent INTEGER 5
 nCloudSocketReceiveBufferBytes  MediaAgent INTEGER 1048576
 nCloudSocketSendBufferBytes  MediaAgent INTEGER 1048576
 nCloudUseMemoryBufferForIndex  MediaAgent INTEGER 1
 nCloudUseTempFile  MediaAgent INTEGER 0

Please note, not all of the above settings are available for "Lookup".  The settings are still valid.

nCloudEnableHighPerformance did not give noticeable improvements in CommVault Simpana v10 SP11 and should not be used.



The above should be repeated on all MediaAgents accessing SwiftStack Object Storage utilizing OpenStack Swift Cloud Libraries.

Tested/Applies to Simpana v10 SP11



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