CommVault Simpana Adding Multiple MediaAgents to Cloud Library Mount Paths

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To increase the performance and availability of CommVault Simpana backup & restores it is important to add multiple MediaAgents to Cloud Library Mount Paths.

Performance is increased as backup streams can not be processed by multiple MediaAgents.  SwiftStack object storage excels when ingesting data concurrently through multiple data streams.

Availably of backups & restores in improved as no MediaAgent is a single point of failure.  This works well in conjunction with the resiliency of SwiftStack object storage to failures.

To add multiple MediaAgents to an already configured Cloud Library Mount Path

To Start, Click the "Storage" tab at the top of the Simpana Administrative Console.

Then Click the "Library and Drive" button.


Select the MediaAgents that should be allowed to access the Cloud Library and mount points.  Once the desired MediaAgents are listed under "Selected MediaAgents", Click OK.




In the "Data Paths" tab, expand the Cloud Library that you wish to enable multiple MediaAgents on.  Take note of the devices that are configured to use this Cloud Library.  (In the example below Cloud Library "MySwiftStackCloudLibrary" uses devices [1028, 1029, & 1030]



Click the "Shared Disk Device" tab.  Expand the devices that are included in your Cloud Library.  Notice that the configured MediaAgents are listed.



Right click the desired Device and Click "Add Access MediaAgent"



Select the desired MediaAgent to add to the Device and click "OK"



Both MediaAgents are not listed with this device.


Continue with all other devices in the desired Cloud Library.

Now that the Cloud Library is enabled with multiple MediaAgents, ensure that Simpana Storage Policies are also set to use both MediaAgents. Use the links below to enable.

Applies to:  CommVault Simpana v10, SP10 & 11

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