CommVault Simpana utilizing Cloud Libraries with multiple Media Agents

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If a CommVault Simpana backup and recovery Cloud Library is configured with multiple MediaAgents, it is important to enable both paths in the CommVault Storage Policy's utilizing that Library.

For more information on  Adding Multiple MediaAgents to Cloud Library Mount Paths see the linked knowledge base.


Expand Policies -> Storage Policies -> Storage Policy to enable with multiple MediaAgents.  

In the example below we will enable the "SwiftStackStoragePolicy" that uses Library MySwiftStackCloudLibrary to utilize both MediaAgents that are configured to work with this library.  



Right click the Sub Policy, Click "Properties"



Click the tab "Data Paths" then click "Add".  

Notice only one path is enabled to this Library through MediaAgent "Commvault-beta"



Select the additional data paths that use the same Library through a different MediaAgent. Press "OK"



Notice that 2 paths are now listed.



Enable both paths by clicking the "Data Path Configuration" tab.  Then Select "Round-Robin between Data-Paths".  Click okay.



Round Robin between Data Paths allows backup or restore streams to be divided between available MediaAgents.  If your cloud library has multiple mount paths, data will also be balanced between them.


Applies to:  CommVault Simpana v10, SP10 & 11

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