CommVault Simpana Multiple Mount Points / Containers in a Cloud Library

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When using Cloud Libraries with SwiftStack Object Storage it is best practice to distribute the backup data between multiple containers.

Cloud Libraries can distribute data a between multiple mount points.  Mount points in Cloud Libraries are mapped to containers in SwiftStack.  When using Deduplicated backups the general recommendation is to plan to keep under 2TB of backups per Cloud mount point.  Full / Incremental backups can store up to 8TB of backups per mount point.  

Example: If the desire is to keep 20TB of deduplicated compressed data in a Cloud library, 10 mount points should be created.  

Note: When running SwiftStack Account & Container services solely on SSD drives 10x data can be put into a mount point.  This increases the recommendation to 20TB for Dedupe archives and 80TB per mount point for Full / Incrementals.

Adding additional mount points to an existing CommVault cloud library is simple via the CommCell GUI interface.  For help creating an initial cloud library see CommVault Simpana adding a Cloud Library KB.


To Start, Click the "Storage" tab at the top of the Simpana Administrative Console.

Then Click the "Library and Drive" button.



Select the MediaAgents that should be allowed to access the Cloud Library and mount points.  Once the desired MediaAgents are listed under "Selected MediaAgents", Click OK.



In the Library and Drive Configuration window, right click on the desired Cloud Library and Select "Add Shared Mount Path"



In the Shared Mount Path Window, Press "A" or Select "Add New Device" from the drop down.

MountPoint4.jpg MountPoint5.jpg


Insert Values into the "Add Cloud Storage Device" window.  For further information see: CommVault Simpana adding a Cloud Library KB.

 Field Name  Description  Value
 Type  Select the Cloud API compatible with your storage   Select OpenStack Object Storage
 MediaAgent  Select a MediaAgent to pass data to this library.  Additional Media Agents can be
 added later to a cloud library 
  Select a Media Agent local to the
  SwiftStack cluster 
 Service Host  This is the address of the SwiftStack Storage authentication service.  Both v1 &
 v2 authentication can be used.  Both v1 & v2 authentication are compatible with
 CommVault Simpana v10 and SwiftStack
  For v1 Authentication enter:
  For v2 Authentication enter:
 Username  This is the SwiftStack username of the Account in which backups will be stored

  For v1 Authentication enter:
  For v2 Authentication enter:

 API Key  This is the User's password   Enter password
 Container  Commvault will auto create a container to store backups in if one is not already
 created.  If a particular SwiftStack Storage Policy is desired and is not the
 default, then the Container must be created using the SwiftStack Console and 
 assigned the proper SwiftStack Storage Policy before attaching a cloud library.
 It is recommended not to store more 
 than 2TB of Dedupe backups or 8TB of 
 Full / Incremental backups per each
 container.  When naming the first 
 container it is best to append 01 to the 
 name so that many containers can be 
 created to accommodate the full amount
 of backups.



If you have multiple MediaAgents, a prompt will appear asking if you desire additional MediaAgents to be configured for the new Cloud Storage Device.  If multiple MediaAgents are local to the SwiftStack cluster and you want to add them in, select "Yes" and choose the MediaAgent to add in the "Add Cloud Storage Device" window.

MountPoint8.jpg MountPoint9.jpg


The final step in adding Shared Mount Paths is to name the "Base Folder" if desired.  This has little bearing, as Cloud Storage does not use folders.  Thus the "Base Folder" will be a prefix to all object names.  Once finished Click "OK"



The addition Mount Path will now show under the Cloud Library selected.


 Continue to add Mount points as needed.  When finished click the Red X in the top right of the window.


Finally, it is important to assign the balance data across the mount paths by selecting "Spill & Fill" for Mount Path Usage.  Right click the Cloud Library and select "Properties".



Navigate to the "Mount Paths" tab, and Select "Spill and Fill mount paths" as the usage option.  Then press "OK".



Applies to:  CommVault Simpana v10, SP10 & 11

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