CommVault Simpana Micro Pruning Cloud Libraries with Deduplication

Doug Soltesz -

Micro Pruning allows for the deletion of data from within a Cloud Library Mount Path, once said data as aged past desired retention.  This allows for Deduplicated CommVault Storage Policies to backup for extended periods without needing to "Seal" a Dedupe Database and establish a new baseline.


Micro Pruning must be enabled on each mount path in a Cloud Library.

Expand Storage Resources -> Libraries -> "Desired Cloud Library".  Then right click a mount path in the Cloud Library.




Navigate to the "Allocation Policy" tab.  Click the checkbox for "Enable Micro Pruning".  Click "OK"


Note: The above actions must be repeated for each mount path in a Cloud Library.

Applies to:  CommVault Simpana v10 SP11

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