Getting 401 unauthorized error code

Hugo Kuo -

It is a two step transaction to perform operations on your data in Swift.

  1. Authenticate by providing username/password to the auth endpoint. It returns a token and storage endpoint.
  2. Work with data by providing token and action needed to the storage endpoint.


Either step could return a 401 unauthorized but for different reasons.

Step 1: Authentication issues

  • Check the correction of username/password
  • To search for errors in the auth server's log (keystone, swauth or swiftstack_auth)

Step 2: Token expired

  • Token is expired. The expiration is 24hrs by default. 
  • Check the connectivity from proxy node to auth server (Keystone). If proxy can't reach out Keystone server, it's not able to validate incoming user's token against Keystone. 
  • Memcached server too busy or dead. To check the memcached daemon status on nodes those are in memcached pool. 


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